Investment Criteria

Six Pillars partners with businesses that generally have the following characteristics:

  • Between $5 and $50 million in revenue and at least $1 million in EBITDA
  • Management teams that:
    • Share our core values and practice servant leadership
    • Desire to retain and/or earn an ownership interest and are committed to continuing to be involved in the business
    • Want partners who have deep operating experience and have successfully led their companies through a transaction
  • Favorable long-term economics and growth potential
  • Recognize that resources in addition to capital are needed to grow the business to the next level

While Six Pillars does not specialize in a specific sector, we are focused on partnering with businesses that have a simple business model and are easy to understand. We are willing to make control and minority investments. Some industries of particular interest to us are:

  • Business services
  • Information technology/software
  • Manufacturing
  • Educational and e-Learning
  • Outsourcing
  • Construction/infrastructure-related