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What We Do
We Partner Thoughtfully

Six Pillars Partners places equal emphasis on thriving company culture and financial performance both for our firm and for the businesses that become our partners. We invest in the right people doing the right thing the right way.

We believe, based on strong evidence, that ethical organizations have above-average growth and profitability over the long term. Because we work closely with management teams, shared values are critical for productivity and performance.

Partnership Criteria

Favored Verticals: Human Capital Management (HCM) & Specialized Staffing | Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) | Engineering Services | Professional Services | Legal Services | Insurance Services | Real Estate Services | Tech-Enabled Services | Third-party Logistics | SaaS (Software as a Service) | Education & Training Services | Airport and Transportation Services | Opportunistic

Example Industry Niches: Recruitment Process Automation Software | Multi-family Facility Maintenance | Property Tax Consulting | Power Generation Upkeep | Cost Optimization Technology and Consulting | Disaster Recovery & Loss Mitigation | 3rd Party Benefits Administration | Cybersecurity Consulting | Commodity Inspection

Financial Profile: $7mm – $40mm of EBITDA with >= 30% gross margin and a high degree of recurring organic revenue

Scenarios:  Founder Owned | Seller Recap | Partial (Minority) Exit | Management Buyout | Corporate Carveout

We Create Value

Six Pillars Partners has invested > $500MM at top-tier returns while developing high-quality jobs and engaged workforces. We’ve been able to have success by checking our ego at the door, rolling up our sleeves, and learning from the mistakes we’ve made along the way.  We are not perfect and don’t hold ourselves out to be. That said, we feel strongly when you invest in people’s growth it ultimately leads to great success for our partner companies, their stakeholders, and our investors.

Success = Scaling Companies + Growing People

How We Work

Explore Our Values-Focused Approach to Private Equity

We bring our industry knowledge, operating experience, and investment expertise to the table to assess businesses based on current value and future potential. This approach allows us to uncover worthy opportunities that others may overlook. We don’t shy away from atypical or complex transactions and can tailor capital to each deal.

Preparation & Execution

We design a value creation plan during pre-acquisition demonstrating potential paths to growth through build/partner/buy avenues. Our deals are designed to fund these initiatives as well as the purchase of the business. As a result, we are ready to start executing immediately on closing.

Transparency & Trust

Our track record proves that we only issue an LOI on deals that we are certain will close. We open up to owners about the inner workings of PE, ensuring a smooth transition without last minute surprises or misunderstandings.

People & Profits

We place an equal focus on a thriving culture and above-average returns, knowing that these go hand-in-hand over the long term. As growth partners with aligned values, we help management teams create success stories by scaling companies and growing people.