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Investing in People.
Executing on Values.


Private Equity Investment Partners to Grow Strong Teams, Profitable Companies, and Thriving Communities

Six Pillars Partners is a growth-oriented investment firm led by business founders and operators that are focused exclusively on partnering with companies who embody our core values

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A Team-Oriented Approach

Six Pillars Partners brings years of tangible operating and industry experience to its stakeholders. We’ve founded and scaled companies, executed numerous investments and strategic acquisitions, experienced and overcome setbacks, and created environments that foster high employee engagement. Unlike other investor types, we’ve been in the trenches and understand what it is like to make payroll each week. We are proud of our accomplishments and the positive impact we’ve made. That said, we are the first to admit we don’t know what we don’t know and that a team-oriented approach brings the best outcome. We believe that highly engaged, cohesive teams lead to long-term, outsized value creation for all

Explore our team’s experience and core values

Creating Value for All from Intro to Exit

Six Pillars Partners brings investment capital, operational expertise, and executive leadership to values-based, growth-oriented businesses designed to maximize value creation.

Business Owners

We partner with owners to customize transactions and financing to meet your current goals and help you achieve a larger “second bite of the apple”.

Investment Partners

We bring strategically viable deals to our investing partners and take accountability for executing growth plans to reduce risk and maximize return.

Management Teams

As growth partners with aligned values, we help management teams create success stories by scaling companies and growing people. 

We Invest with Care

Certainty: We have a strong track record for only entering into Letters of Intent (LOI’s) that we know will close, reducing risk, and deal fatigue.

Accountability: Our firm only reaches our profitability goals by being accountable to investors, owners, and management teams to execute effectively

Opportunity: We diligently identify process improvement initiatives and innovative growth opportunities through value creation planning.

How We Are Different

We are equally focused on the wellbeing of employees, partners, customers, and achieving profitable growth.

We take a long-term perspective.

We are experienced operators investing capital and time.